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What's Happening (v. 2) - March 7th, 2016)

Here's the scoop...

Thanks to all who checked out the last newsletter - it's been the first of many, so be prepared to receive some pretty regular updates! It's been an exciting past couple weeks and so much to share from the fundraiser, album production and more...I won't keep you biting your nails, here's what's happening:

Website, FROM THE VAULT and Social Media
Finally the new website is up and running! Thus far no glitches and I have enjoyed giving the website a complete make-over. Keep checking in from time to time (www.terajohnson.com) as there will be regular music added for your listening pleasure. Of course you can stream tunes from my old album THE OTHER SIDE, but I think you'd probably enjoy listening to some songs on the page FROM THE VAULT where I'll be adding some songs that won't be on the album, but I'm proud enough to share them with you. And as the album production is coming together we'll most definitely add the tunes for you to stream while you're waiting for your CD to arrive. This week's addition is an original NO WORDS I wrote back in my college days and recorded it there as well. It was a fun stroll down memory lane as John and I were testing all kinds of new techie sounds. Hope you like it!

And as mentioned last week, I've been continuing to build the social media base (@TeraJTweets / https://www.facebook.com/terajohnsonmusic) which has been coming along quite nicely so please check them out, like, share and anything to get the word out.

The Album: HOME
John (http://jbrecording.com) and I recorded 7 of the rough tracks on Sunday, February 28th. To those of you scratching your heads, we basically had a tempo clicker keeping the time while I recorded the tracks for the guitar and lead vocal. Essentially we use this as a guide for the instrumental portion of the songs. Later, we'll erase those and rerecord a better quality version, but it gives a great foundation for establishing consistent tempos, chord changes and a general layout of the songs.  Remember, John is in Texas and I'm in Colorado, so let's all be thankful for the blessings of modern technology - without it, we'd be spending a fortune on the flights alone!

Small Business or Corporate Sponsorship
With the help of some suggestions from family, friends and fans that know about this project, I figured I'd pass along the idea of working with some small businesses or corporations that might be looking to sponsor a portion of this project. There are dozens of ways we can cross market your company, brand or product (i.e. sponsor a music video, a specially recorded song/commercial for your marketing team, etc.); really the sky is the limit but a great tax deduction for a certainly memorable investment nonetheless.

Go Fund Tera Johnson
If you know me at all, you'll know that patience is not one of my better qualities, however this has definitely been a wonderful opportunity to exercise it. And thankfully the motto "if you build it, they will come" philosophy has rang true. Each time I begin to wonder "will this actually happen?", another contributor sends me an email, check, or donation on the GoFundMe page. Thus far we have over 25% of the goal total - yes, 25% and that's in basically 1 week of promoting this project. Thank you again to all who have jumped on the bandwagon to make this a reality, but if you haven't already, please check out my GoFundMe page (https://www.gofundme.com/terajohnson) and pass it along to anyone and everyone you think might be interested.

Upcoming Shows
Again, yes, there will be a mini-tour during the release of this album, but until that happens, check out where I'll be playing next...

**Artwork on this newsletter is called GRACE by Rachel Hirning

Now available for purchase in CD form right here or digitally through  iTunes !

Now available for purchase in CD form right here or digitally through iTunes!