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What's Happenings (v. 3) - March 21st

Here's the scoop...

Okay, okay. So once a week in newsletters might be too excessive - but I'm excited darn it! Thanks to all who've kept up and passed along our updates. Thanks to YOU there have been some exciting news to report...Here's what's happening:

Website, FROM THE VAULT and Social Media
So, the site itself has gotten quite a bit of visits over the past couple weeks and even more have clicked on to the subscription bar to be added to the newsletter with other emailing addresses and/or referred family (www.terajohnson.com). And as promised, a couple songs have been added - CENTER (FROM THE VAULT) was written just before I moved from Boston to L.A., being the music conservatory nerds that we were, my then-boyfriend-now-husband and I decided to write songs for each other as "road tunes" and this is what he got. HAVIN' THE BLUES (THE OTHER SIDE) was written while I was working on the production of the album - just reflecting life as I knew it up until that point. Funny when you think about how little you really can relate to "having the blues" un your 20's, but hey, it's a pretty good song! Enjoy!

And as I've been shamelessly promoting my social media base (@TeraJTweets / https://www.facebook.com/terajohnsonmusic), I'm asking for some friends/family/fans to help this along. Thus far I have over 600 followers on Twitter and have a goal in mind of getting 10k by the release date of this album. Think it's ambitious or impossible? HELP ME MAKE THAT HAPPEN! As for my Facebook page, I have so many lovely followers on my PERSONAL page that haven't "liked" my music page. PLEASE do so and pass it along. This has been harder to build than Twitter (which is ironic because I really am beyond green to Twitter and been on Facebook for nearly a decade already). Anyway, if you can help me reach my goal of getting 1k followers (hey, it's a goal) by the release date of this album, I'd really, really appreciate it.

The Album: HOME
John (http://jbrecording.com) and I recorded another 4 rough tracks on Sunday, March 13th. And have scheduled a special bassist to fly in to record all the way from Philadelphia the weekend of May 6th. I also bought my ticket for the first phase of recording lead vocals the weekend of May 19th, so at least you know, it's for real folks. Tera is going back to the studio. 

Oh, and for an even more exciting addition to this project for the album, John and myself will be recording some crazy hot renditions of covers I'm pretty sure you're going to love. Again, they won't be on the album, but we'll be releasing them on iTunes and steaming up my website, so stay tuned!

Small Business or Corporate Sponsorship
Thank you, thank you, thank you to the businesses that took the reigns from the last installment of this newsletter to sponsor this project! My very favorite guitar company Luna Guitars donated a new Trans Black Eclipse acoustic guitar among other exciting promotional gear you'll be seeing at my release party and raffle. I couldn't have made this album without my Luna Heartsong, so I feel beyond blessed they've welcomed me so openly into their circle of artists. Tami Spaulding from The Group, Inc. real estate company based out of Fort Collins, CO as well as B and J Electric from Bloomington, IL have contributed generously as well and I continue to give thanks feeling so humbled and blessed.

If you're interested please email or call me and let's get your company on the bill of thank-you's and cross promotions...make your mark through music - really the sky is the limit but a great tax deduction for a certainly memorable investment nonetheless.

Go Fund Tera Johnson
Let's just say I already feel loved to the moon and back from the sponsorships and contributions everyone has made thus far. In less than 1 month I have 50% of my goal made! So many have sent private checks for the project so please ignore the smaller % shown on GoFundMe - 50% (I think if I type it 10 more times I'll believe it's real!). Thank you again, but if you haven't already, please check out my GoFundMe page (https://www.gofundme.com/terajohnson) and pass it along to anyone and everyone you think might be interested.

Now available for purchase in CD form right here or digitally through  iTunes !

Now available for purchase in CD form right here or digitally through iTunes!