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What's Happening (v. 5) - April 25th

Here's the scoop...

There's so much new information - where to begin!

Website, FROM THE VAULT and Social Media
WWW.TERAJOHNSON.COM - So the merch store is growing already...In addition to the first 3x5 magnet (LOVE YOUR LIFE), I added a new must-have sticker (BORN AGAIN MUSICIAN). Check it out and if you'd like to buy one/support the building of a pretty remarkable project, of course I'll have it in the mail to you pronto!

Also...I NEED YOUR HELP building my youtube, twitter and facebook followings!

GOAL: 100 / Current: 4
GOAL: 10k / Current: 831
GOAL: 1k / Current: 114

FROM THE VAULT - ANYMORE was the first song I wrote when I arrived at Berklee in 2000. I remember sitting in my dorm room thinking, "well, I'm here, so I'd better write something" and influenced by some of my favorite poetic phrases in songs, poems and books, I poured them into this song. The comical part of it comes from the clapping at 1:51 - all of us working on this tune felt that live clapping was absolutely necessary at the time (it's so not now!). Nonetheless we gathered up several people sitting in the hallways to record a team of clappers. Ah, college life, I miss you...

THE OTHER SIDE - THE MORNING AFTER is an original song inspired by a conversation I'd had years before. Someone once depicted me as a "wild one" in a rather negative tone. This was my way of responding...

The Album: HOME
Guess what Tera's been working on in her off time? Putting together a production team for a few music videos to compliment the album. I don't want to spoil all the fun just yet, but I can tell you this much: an up and coming producer in Los Angeles is already on board. Check out her latest and greatest podcast project World Changing Voices.

The countdown to our first lead vocal recording session is on: T-minus 32 days! And as promised in the last newsletter, some more song titles are: DO AS I PLEASE, DOUBLE DOWN & PERIL TRUTH...(lyrics will be forth coming closer to the release date - why spoil all the fun?!) and the other two covers that won't be on the album, but we'll be releasing on iTunes and steaming up my website very soon, are I TALK TO ANGELS and RATHER BE.

Small Business or Corporate Sponsorship
It's not too late to join forces or give me some leads as to companies/folks interested in sponsoring this project. Please email or call me...make your mark through music - you never know where it could take you.

Go Fund Tera Johnson
We're at about 56% of the way to my goal now, which is definitely a good thing, but the hot kick off has slowed down a bit and I need to get to that sweet spot of 100%. So, if you plan on buying a CD for yourself, friend or family member, now's a great time to buy ahead - I promise I won't let you down! Thank you again if you already have, but if you haven't yet, please check out my GoFundMe page and pass it along to anyone and everyone you think might be interested.

Now available for purchase in CD form right here or digitally through  iTunes !

Now available for purchase in CD form right here or digitally through iTunes!